Data Scientist

Data Scientist


  • Care about the purpose of the product and company
  • Are never satisfied with the way things are, but excited about the way things could be
  • Thinker. You embrace data and different technologies and want to see how they can work together
  • Empathize with customer needs and enjoy novel ways of posing and solving their problems
  • Live by transparent and scientific thinking. You put in the work to find the best ideas with those around you
  • Are happy to put on steel toe boots and hit the factory floor to work with engineers

The Role

As a Data Scientist on the Engineering Team you will be responsible for building statistical and machine learning models that improve the efficiency of manufacturing by powering up Model-based Process Control, Anomaly detection, Predictive maintenance and much more. This includes real-time metrics that capture various properties of the manufacturing process, context about these metrics provided from external systems and human input, and offline measurements that describe the quality of the resulting products or processes. Problems of interest range from diagnostic to predictive, preventive and eventually leading up to closed loop process control.

You will be working closely with data and product engineers to address customer needs. You will push the envelope on how machine learning can provide value to process engineers, operators and materials scientists. This is a crucial role for Visutech Plating, and requires someone who will uphold the highest standards of quality, accountability, and attention to detail.


  • Interacting with customer to understand and pose relevant data analysis problems
  • Developing and validating models and methods that address these problems, and working with the engineering team to deploy these as solutions
  • Partner with Solution Architect to generalize solutions and innovating to create the next generation of product features
  • Engaging with the technical community to present results externally, keep up to date on recent advances, and advance the state of the art

Minimum Qualifications

  • 3 years professional experience as a Data Scientist or advanced degrees (M.S. or PhD. in Statistics, Data Science, Computer Science with ML focus, or related fields)
  • Experience with Python and SQL
  • Experience with designing, building and deploying performant statistical models on large data sets (bonus: experience with time series data, and with real-time data analysis)
  • Familiarity with process improvement and exploratory techniques (e.g. design of experiments and optimization)
  • Enthusiasm to team projects end-to-end; from experimentation to customer delivery
  • Experience predictive modeling or machine learning on large datasets

What additional skills will help you stand out?

Materials Science, Chemistry, or a related physical science expertise

We Offer

  • Measurable impact to the world and the chance to participate in 4th industrial revolution and same time to help real people - process engineers, technicians
  • A bridge between the physical and cloud worlds of tech. Our platform unites big data visualizations with sensors and heavy industrial equipment
  • Scientific and transparent thinking, for everyone involved
  • We have backing by world leaders of both industry and tech that will ensure long term growth and development for us
  • Modern comfortable office in the city center
  • Paid annual leave for 26 days
  • Paid illness leave for 7 days per year without medical sick note
  • Possibility to attend free language courses (English/Deutsch)
  • Free health insurance
  • Competitive salary

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